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26, geek, Australia/NYC
♥ Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, Naya Rivera, River Song, Detective Rosa Diaz, Lost, Harry Potter, Tatiana Maslany.
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whenever i feel sad i just remember that tatiana maslany is into gangsta rap and then i feel better bc how can u feel sad when somewhere in the world tmas could be rapping quietly to herself right now

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do you know if there's a video of the orphan black panel at comic-con? i've seen some gifsets but i can't find a full video...


hiii. here are a bunch of video links of the OB Cast at SDCC2014:

Orphan Black Panel: Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, (additional clips)

Nerd HQ Panel: Full

Fan Meetup: Tatiana kissing a puppy, posing with a glue gun, laughing

Fan Favorite (Jordan): Part 1, Part 2

Women Who Kick Ass (Tatiana; clips only): Introduction, Clip

Media Rounds: Tatiana/Maria/Jordan, Ari/Kristian/Dylan, John/Graeme

Tatiana recreates shaun of the dead, waves to a fan, chats with Matt Smith

Kristian Bruun dancing

Official SDCC OB Vids: Funny Moments from S2, Recap, exhibit clips

for people that asked for different links, hope this helps!


our internet is so shitty right now i dont even know if i can upload my photos but here have a sneak peek of when tatmas got the nesting dolls


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Same date. Same dress. Different man.